What is Virtual Speech Therapy Supposed to Look Like?

We are still in the age of Covid and despite the release of a vaccine, we are still doing some things remotely, such as school, doctor’s appointments and for several children at my clinic, remote speech therapy. I still have several children that I see virtually, and I know many of your children are most…

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Is It Ever Too Early To See A Specialist?

If you had a concern about your child’s development, what is the first thing you would do? Whom would you talk to? Where would you go to get advice? Often, we turn to family members and friends for advice, but do they really have the answers? Or, many parents take their children straight to the…

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Should A Parent Pursue An Autism Diagnosis?

A few weeks ago, I received a Facebook message from a mother who was filled with anxiety. Her son was diagnosed with a speech delay and she was absolutely positive that he also needed an official autism diagnosis. However, when she took him to the doctor, she was told that he didn’t meet enough of…

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SPD And Success In Schools

Can your child succeed in school if he or she has a sensory processing disorder?  Your child barely has the attention span to complete his or her homework, much less, sit through an entire class.  Does your child fidget throughout the school day and is exhausted by the end of the day? It is essential…

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How Has The Lock Down Affected Your Child’s Social Skills?

How Has The Lock Down Affected Your Child's Social Skills?

Are you worried about the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown on your kid’s social skills?  Don’t be.  There’s a lot to be gained from time spent with family, or even time spent on their own. Before the coronavirus pandemic began, kids went to school, church and playgroups.  They went to the park and played out…

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7 Tips On How to Be the Best Grandparent to a Special Needs Child

How to Be the Best Grandparent to a Special Needs Child

One question that I am frequently asked by parents of children with whom I work, is how they as parents should handle the questions and advice that they are often given from members of their own family. Normally, I would write this article to help the parents of children who have some sort of developmental…

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10 Tips to Help Your Special Needs Child Through Distance Learning

Schools have been closed since March, and there seems to be little hope of in person education happening in the fall.  School districts are announcing delays to the start of school.  However, school will have to start at some point and in some form.  Right now, the most -likely form appears to be remote learning. …

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Top 10 Signs Your Child Has a Sensory Processing Disorder

Your child throws a fit every time he gets his hands dirty.  Or, your child is always getting in trouble for playing too rough at school.  Maybe your child won’t eat anything except toast, no matter how hungry he or she is or how many different foods you‘ve put in front of him or her.…

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How Do Your Digital Habits Affect Your Kids? It’s Unfortunately Not What You Think

You may recall one of the earlier posts on my website where I showed you what I think is the worst picture every taken of me. It’s not because of the massive bed head I was sporting. It was because I was sitting with my son next to me as he was trying to get…

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Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten? Here’s How To Tell!

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

It’s July, and that means, the beginning of school is (hopefully) around the corner.  If you’re like my wife and myself, you are desperately praying that schools open this fall! If it’s time for your child to enter kindergarten for the first time, this may be a day that you’ve been looking forward to.  Or, for…

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