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Sensory Processing Disorders: Understanding a Child’s Rainbow of Emotions and Behaviors”

In this video Jason Spear Miller takes a comprehensive look at all aspects of sensory processing disorders, while offering functional ways to help your child cope with his or her individual sensory concerns. Jason Spear Miller is a pediatric speech-language pathologist who owns and operates Centex Rehabilitation Clinics based in Harker Heights. With over 18 years of experience working with children who struggle with sensory processing disorders, Jason has an arsenal of simple and effective techniques that you can take home and start implementing today.

This video series comes with a user’s manual that clearly outlines key concepts and activity suggestions to provide you with a quick and easy reference guide. Jason’s passion to help children and their families live more harmonious lives motivated him to start educating parents about sensory processing disorders. With this series, he now offers parents hands-on tools to successfully cope with these disorders at home.

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Your Guide To a Sensory Friendly Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is coming, and Jason Spear Miller has you covered. Jason guides you through all of the steps necessary to hold your own sensory friendly vacation bible school.

Many children suffer from sensory processing disorders, rendering a typical vacation bible school unpleasant and even painful. Unfortunately, these children are often hard to identify and are therefore over looked by well-meaning workers who encourage and insist that these children participate in activities that they simply cannot do.

This book guides you through the process of identifying these kids and establishing VBS classroom that will be fun and meet the needs of these special kids!

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Sensory Processing Disorder’s Discipline and Punishment Online Program

So your child has a sensory processing disorder, which means his or her behavior can be, well, challenging. Any child’s poor behavior can be a challenge. However, when a child is suffering from a sensory processing disorder, the tactics you use for other children typically do not work for a child who is suffering from a sensory processing disorder. What do you do? What has worked for your other kids, isn’t working for your Sensory child.

In this online program, speech-language pathologist and child development expert Jason Spear Miller walks you through tactics and strategies to deal with your sensory child’s challenging behavior. You’ll learn what’s going on in your child’s system, why they’re acting the way they are, the struggles they are having that you may not know about, as well as practical everyday tactics to help your child learn and participate well in school and at home.

Delivered to you in 8 separate modules, this program is the must have for the mom and dad who are at their wit’s end with their sensory child’s behavior!

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Sensory Processing Disorder’s Discipline and Punishment - The Book

The companion book to Jason’s online program, filled with resources, case studies and everything that you would find in the online program!

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