How to Select After School Activities for Your Kids

With school starting again, after school activities are picking up again as well.  After a year of isolation, many of us are EAGER TO GET our children involved in in school and after school activities again.
Parents have always signed their children up for numerous after school activities. However, this year, after school activities are getting more attention than usual due to last years closed-in and somewhat confusing at-home learning experience.

It’s always a good idea to have your children occupied and outside whenever possible. Nonetheless, over-scheduling is never a good thing for children or their parents. Overscheduling leaves parents running their

children to practices, games, lessons, recitals, and everything in between.

If there are too many activities, before long, everyone will get tired and cranky which in return will lead to complaints, arguments and children exhibiting unacceptable behavior.
So, what should we as parents do?

First off, it’s best if children have fewer organized activities, and instead have more “downtime” where they can just be kids. There are so many things children can explore, such as neighborhood parcs or recreational facilities.

In addition, letting children use their own imaginations to come up with things to do, is always a great idea. As long as you approve, there’s no better activity than what they can come up with on their own.

And finally, some children might also need the extra time to get help getting back on track with some of their academics that may have slipped a little (or a lot) throughout the last school year. If that is the case, concentrate on their academics, so that their upcoming year will go more smoothly.

Life is busy and children can pick up on that. Therefore, we as parents need to remember not to overwhelm our children with activities.  remember, they’re just children, and childhood should be one of the best times of their life!

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Jason Spear Miller