How to set new rules and expectations for the new school year

Our children have been on summer vacation and because of that, the rules in our home have been more relaxed.  However, now that school has started, you might be wondering how, as parents, we reset our home for the fall.

Due to covid, the last school year was anything but typical.  Rules about masks and social distancing, and who could do what at what time of the day were all different. Very likely, your work situation was different as well.  The circumstances for every individual and every situation were different, which in return added a new layer of stress onto both children and adults.

Therefore, spending the summer with the with rules and expectations relaxed, was needed for many children and parents alike.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with setting a very different tone for the summer break versus the academic year.  Now that the new school year has started, parents need to keep in mind that it is perfectly acceptable to revisit and tweak family rules and expectations as situations in schools or our community change due to continually changing covid restrictions.

In my home, I create a clear example of various rules for various situations.  This coming school year will, most likely, look different from both this past summer and last school year. That is perfectly ok!  Just remember to clearly communicate with your child what the rules in your home will be. If the need to change the rules arises, clearly explain the new rules and expectations to your child, and remind them that parents revisit rules when they realize that rules aren’t effective any longer as they are.

Keep in mind that many children struggle with change. Again, this is perfectly normal!  Remind them that it is your job as a parent to put rules in place that will make them successful.

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Jason Spear Miller